Setup webbased user interface

Please note that the webbased user interface is intended for monitoring purposes where as the rich client user interface is intended for in-depth analysis.

Installation and Startup

  1. Download Grafana from (current version 3.1.1) - Grafana comes with packages for most operating systems
  2. sudo systemctl start grafana-server

Verify installation

After Grafana is started please ensure that you get an output saying that grafana is "active (running".


Change default credentials

  1. Connect to the running Grafana installation (http://yourserver:3000). Login into the UI using the default credentials admin / admin. 
  2. Click on the grafana logo (top left corner) and click on admin
  3. Click on the change password link

Connect to the long-term database

  1. Enter the administration screen (Grafana icon)
  2. Select Data Sources → Add new

Enter the following data:

  1. Name: inspectit-influx (use exactly this name to make the default dashboards work out of the box. Find the default dashboards to import to your Grafana instance here)
  2. Type: Choose InfluxDB
  3. Default: Make this checked
  5. Access: Choose proxy
  6. Basic Auth: unselected
  7. Database: inspectit 
  8. User: root
  9. Password: root (or the password you set on the installation of the longterm database)

Make sure the data entered above is consistent with the configuration described in Long-term Data Persistence Configuration. In particular, if you used other values for the database name, user, password, etc. then also configure Grafa respectively.