inspectIT 1.6.9 Release Notes


This is the stable and final release for inspectIT version thread 1.6.

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  • [INSPECTIT-2160] - HTTP sensor fails to collect data when request class is not directly implementing HttpServletRequest
  • [INSPECTIT-2156] - Deleting assignment results in non correct validations
  • [INSPECTIT-2155] - Deleting existing label type fails
  • [INSPECTIT-2154] - Finalizing storage can not be done due to the error in loading agent from DB
  • [INSPECTIT-2153] - Error in Hook dispatcher when setting invocation minimum duration in the configuration
  • [INSPECTIT-2150] - Keep alive signal shows very high value
  • [INSPECTIT-2149] - Startup on IBM server fails due to ClassNotFoundException
  • [INSPECTIT-2146] - Interrupted exception reported in gradle build
  • [INSPECTIT-2145] - NoClassDef exception when trying to get database info
  • [INSPECTIT-2143] - Possibility of complete lock of the threads responsible for sending the classes to the CMR
  • [INSPECTIT-2138] - Invalid thread access in the Data explorer view
  • [INSPECTIT-2135] - Schema Generation in Gradle does not overwrite files
  • [INSPECTIT-2133] - NPE on re-loading the empty agent mappings
  • [INSPECTIT-2128] - NPE on deactivating/activating mapping that was in use with connected agent
  • [INSPECTIT-2127] - Possibility of interrupted exception while sending class to the CMR
  • [INSPECTIT-2126] - No instrumentation after adding/removing profile to an environment
  • [INSPECTIT-2125] - Clearing a date from the date/time selection in the editors fires an exception on update
  • [INSPECTIT-2123] - Improve the tool-tips on the UI
  • [INSPECTIT-2122] - Revision Check Failed Exception on Agent Mapping UI
  • [INSPECTIT-2119] - Change parent class loader of the inspectIT class loader
  • [INSPECTIT-2090] - Gradle build doesn't work with Java-8
  • [INSPECTIT-2056] - Fatal error when folder name contains space character
  • [INSPECTIT-2053] - Mac OS X client error popup for java.lang.NullPointerException on El Capitain
  • [INSPECTIT-2029] - DB is increasing in size, even though nothing is in there


  • [INSPECTIT-2121] - Improve feel and look on the MacOSX
  • [INSPECTIT-2103] - Document the new configuration interface on all public docs
  • [INSPECTIT-2081] - Update oomph setup for formatting / templates
  • [INSPECTIT-2071] - Adapt JMX on the Agent for the next gen instrumentation approach
  • [INSPECTIT-2035] - Extends the CMR Rest API to support inspectIT app servers test
  • [INSPECTIT-2031] - Import / Export of Environments and Profiles

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