What license is inspectIT released under?

inspectIT is released under Apache v2 (

Can I buy a commercial license for inspectIT?

For individual users there is usually no need to buy a commercial license. Currently inspectIT does not plan to have a commercial license. It is very likely that we will never have a commercial version, but instead provide commercial support (apart from the free support) if the request is high enough.

Will the licensing terms of inspectIT be changed in the future?

In fact we did change the license from former closed source (until 2014) to open source AGPLv3 (until middle of 2016) to the now very open Apache license. We think this license fits perfect and it really does not matter to you. Any code that was once released under the Apache license cannot be "closed" again. We cannot take back the license we granted you. So even if inspectIT were to change the license back to something proprietary, this would only affect further versions and anybody would still be permitted to redistribute the existing inspectIT code.

Which guidelines apply to the use of the logo and the name inspectIT?

The name inspectIT and the logo are registered trademarks of NovaTec Consulting GmbH. It may be freely used together with the products available from this web site. However, if you choose to ship custom binaries and/or source code revisions of the product, NovaTec reserves the right to deny use of the trademark inspectIT. You may adapt the logo as long this modification is once again used for the inspectIT project and not other projects. This might seem rather strict but we believe that it is important to avoid any kind of confusion arising from multiple versions of the same product coming from different sources.

So to say it in a more understandable way: "As long as it helps inspectIT, please be free to use it"

What license is the inspectIT documentation?

The whole information on this Confluence wiki, all tickets (in JIRA) and our homepage are released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License 

What third party libraries are used within inspectIT?

We absolutely value the great work of all the other open source projects and thus take a pleasure in having a keeping a full list of third party libraries. In addition to this list, we also value the license implications and deliver the full list (together with the copyright) with every release. You can have a look at it at