Logging Sensor


The logging sensor allows to capture loggings of the application into the inspectIT ecosystem. This means you can see logging output within your invocation sequences. 

You can use this feature to add context information about the running transaction or to get detailed information about problems (usually applications do log problems). In addition to that you can jump from a logging output back to the invocation sequence and analyze the complete request as your user executed it.


Configuration basics

Please note that the easiest way to get the default configuration is to include the common profile [Common] Logging for log4j to your environment settings.

Configuring the logging level of captured messages

Configuration basics

The logging level configuration for the Logging Sensor is available in the Environment configuration.

Realization status

Currently the logging sensor is provided for the log4j framework ( ). Additional technologies are integrated in new tickets (if you need another technology, please let us know or Vote for an existing technology):

  • java.util.logging 
  • slf4j logging 

The logging information is right now only available within Invocation Sequences but not as an own view. With   a new aggregation component will be provided.