Provide new (intermediate) view showing recorded Applications + Business Transactions


Currently it is not possible to somehow filter the invocation sequences based on the defined applications or on the business transactions. With the complete UI restructuring in the future, this would anyway be available as we will change everything from being agent-based to being application based.

Still, for now I can think of a very easy enhancement to provide a view and a filtering for the invocation sequences:

  • In the data explorer, we provide a new top level entry called: Applications & BTs (or something like that)

  • By clicking on this, we open a new view which provides a table containing a tree showing the recorded Applications and their associated Business Transactions. You can click on all of these elements to navigate to the invocation sequence view which will filter the entries accordingly.

This idea was developed in the discussion with Guido Jäkel (@gjaekel) in Gitter as he wants to have this grouping and filtering based on the Application and Business Transaction definition due to the amount of data he receives in his system (many different URLs etc.)

, , : Could you give me a short response about this idea from a technical or product vision side? If we agree on this, I could think of giving this maybe to if he would be up for it? Thanks!

If the realization of this ticket is completed, notify Guido Jäkel about this so he can go for testing and using this functionality.






Patrice Bouillet





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