Filtering option for inspectIT Data Views


According to these mockups the Editors showing inspectIT data shall be refactored to provide an option for filtering the data showed by the editors.

In particular, the following requirements shall be considered:


  • Based on user interaction, the UI creates a filter object that is passed to the server

  • Server transforms filters into data queries

  • Filters do NOT specify sorting of data and data limitation

  • Remove Breadcrumb composite from data views / editors

  • Remove time filter → time filter will be just an additional filtering option

  • CMR is fixed within a data view (not changable as soon as view is opened)

  • Differentiate between primary (directly shown in the filter header, e.g. as drop down) and additional filter options (created using "More Filters ...." Dialog)

  • Depending on the view type the views may support different sets of filtering options. And the primary vs. additional filter options may differ depending on the view type.

  • Set of all filter values is the identifier of the corresponding editor (e.g. is used by eclipse to decide whether a new editor is opened or an existing one is focused).






Alexander Wert