Improve dealing with exceptional situations on the UI


With the tickets and we introduced way better exception handling on the server and new exception dialog for the UI to display the exceptions occurring on the server or during ui-run-time.. To close the whole exception handling story, as the last step we need to improve exception handling on the UI when it comes to the exceptions created directly in the UI..

Here the goals would be:

  • make all handlers pass the execution exception with the real exception instead of directly printing them from the handler

  • make all Jobs return error statuses instead of directly printing them in the job

  • create a inspectit status for easier/better status reporting

  • use multi status where appropriate

  • define what kind of exceptions can be thrown from the UI components (usually now it's just exception) and how are they handled

  • introduce BusinessException on the UI for the service components (like local storage handling component) and use them in same way as on the server

  • create utility method for printing errors in UI thread (but this should be used as least as possible)

  • make sure all exceptions are logged




Ivan Senic


Ivan Senic