Improve usability of captured context


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I am having a situation where I extract parameters from LDAP call.. Since there is a lot of these calls in one request, I would like to have more flexibility of checking these.. If you see the screen shot, the parameters are not even sorted by name here in the UI, so every row has different order which makes reading a hell.

My proposed improvements for invocation sequence view:

  • sort parameters by name

  • have Copy Captured Context option, that would copy parameters in an easy way to later insert it to excel or so

In addition to this we should also go for the already proposed filtering in Timer Data view based on the parameters.. This can also then by applied in the timer sub-view of the invocation view.




Stefan Siegl
July 16, 2015, 2:30 PM

2015-04-02T08:48:55.000+0200 by Stefan Siegl

I agree we should sort the parameters by the name.

I am not so sure about the filtering. Would it not be enough to provide a specific LDAP sensor that provides another view alltogether?



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Stefan Siegl


Patrice Bouillet