InvocationAwareData to hold the information about the average invocation duration


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I think this would be a nice thing to implement since it's not too hard. The idea is to keep the information how long the data took in the invocation, with percentage like:

This can give an instant information about how much SQL or Timer took in the Invocation already in the aggregated views.. And can be an instant point to look at.. Of course this can only be done for the data that is contained in the invocation and has exclusive time. The overview on the timers would then have something like:




Stefan Siegl
June 26, 2015, 7:19 AM

2013-11-07T13:41:59.000+0100 by Stefan Siegl

discussion 07.11.2013

  • the time has to be the exclusive time (NOT the execution time)

open questions:

  • is the calculation being done on the resulting percentages or on the raw data?

  • how do we calculate, what about invocation sequences that does not contain the method?

We see the following usecases:

  • I want to see which backend service is taking how much exclusive time in the invocation sequences

  • I select all requests from one URL, navigate to the invocation sequences, combine them and check which method is taking the most time

In general this a very specific functionality, that we will not put on the general boards, but in the details window. Thus this information is dynamically calculated and NOT calculated on all data.

Probably we will display a table with each invocation sequence that executes the method as a row (number in invocation, duration in invocation, ...)


Ivan Senic


Stefan Siegl